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Our work collaboration Goonj to provide perfect sleep

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In 2016, India’s Supreme Court ruled sleep as a fundamental right. Three years on in 2019, India ranked as the 2nd most sleep deprived country in the world. To redress that, we entered the Indian market last year. This year we’ve collaborated with India’s the multi award winning non-profit Goonj to take a step further towards our goal of furnishing everyone with quality sleep..

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Where you come in

Become a part of this campaign by supporting this immensely worthy cause – all the donations made by you during this month will be matched by us. That means your donations to - given the situation - currently overextended Goonj will have double the impact. And that’s not all, you will also enter a charitable raffle to win Emma products worth ₹1 million!

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The difference we'll make together

On top of doubling your donations, we at Emma will hand over hundreds of our first-rate mattresses to Goonj, which will then put to use all these resources to reach out to overstretched hospitals and people in rural India and help provide quality rest and comfort that everyone rightly deserves.

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Goonj's work - '18/19 Highlights

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