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Free Delivery & Returns

We deliver all Emma products directly to your home and we take care of your shipping cost. Once your new Emma mattress is rolled and vacuumed, it will be ready to be shipped to you. You will receive a shipping confirmation and a tracking link by e-mail. Using the tracking link, you will able to track the progress of your delivery.

It doesn't get any easier

  • 1.

    Remove Emma from the box

  • 2.

    Unroll the mattress onto a flat surface and use scissors to gently cut and remove the plastic.

  • 3.

    Emma needs only a few hours to expand. After it expands to its full size, it is ready to be slept on.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much are shipping costs?

    Shipping and return costs are free. We want you to happily await your new Emma mattress without concern for pesky shipping costs.

  • How does the delivery process work?

    After Emma is rolled, vacuumed sealed and boxed, it then ready to ship to your home. You will receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail when it is on its way to you. Unfortunately, the time cannot be determined precisely, since our logistic partner has fixed routes. If the time does not suit you, you can request our logistic partner to change the delivery time or to assign a neighbour to receive your delivery. The mattress will be delivered to your door step.

  • How long does delivery take?

    The estimated delivery time is to be viewed at the time of order. We ask you to calculate the specified delivery time only from payment has been made. Once we have received the payment, the delivery time begins.

  • How long until my new Emma Mattress is ready to be slept on?

    The Emma Mattress only needs a few minutes to expand to its actual size after unpacking. When it has completely expanded, it is ready to be slept on.

Sleep happier

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