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Get the best sleep

Exclusively send Emma German Bedding

Want to experience a five-star hotel at home? It’s enough to make a near-perfect bed!
If you feel your expertise and send a good dream to your goal every night, you will miss the sleep experience! Simply fill in the personal information and the size of the mattress in the form below, and you will have the opportunity to get a free German Emma bed and send it directly to your home!

In the next three weeks, on Monday, we will announce a lucky winner on the Facebook page and will also send an email notification. The selected sleep experience specialist will receive an Emma bed and a choice of multiple bed sizes. So please check your mailbox or our Facebook from time to time, the next lucky one that may be selected will be you!

Participation method

Participants must agree to the terms and conditions of the event. This activity is subject to terms and conditions. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the event for details.

  1. Participants in this event must be at least 18 years of age and live in Hong Kong.
  2. You can only apply once per person and will be disqualified if there are duplicates.
  3. The selected person must provide proof of identity and proof of address.
  4. Every Monday after the event, we will announce the selected person on Facebook. We will also notify the lucky one by email. The lucky one must reply to the relevant information within one week after receiving the email as the prize confirmation. Otherwise we will choose a new sleep experience specialist.
  5. After the event, we will send the Emma bed for the three winners.
  6. Participants are required to provide their evaluation of the mattress and related pictures as required, and agree that the company has the right to use the content provided. At the same time, the third party does not have the right to forward or use the image and related content.
  7. This event has nothing to do with Facebook or Instagram.

*If there is any dispute about the event, Emma Bedding reserves the right of final decision.

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