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Back Pain and your Mattress

What causes back pain?

If you are experiencing constant back pain, the cause may be your mattress. Good posture is important when sleeping and a mattress with good support can ensure you maintain a healthy spine and help with back pain relief. A bad back can lead to problems in your daily life and create health issues down the road. Since you spend a third of your life sleeping, it is important to invest in a decent mattress. A good mattress will relieve back pain and adjust to your natural spinal alignment. This will relieve the pressure points in the curves of your spine and neck.

A mattress should ensure that your spine makes a nice curve. This means when lying in your sleep position, your neck should curve towards or through the throat. The middle of your back should curve outwards or to the back and your lower back should always curve forward towards the stomach. A mattress should also provide enough support to the body's joints, muscles, and ligaments. These parts of the body are used extensively throughout the day and need to time to recuperate. Also, your mattress should be changed every 8-10 years otherwise the mattress quality has degraded and is most likely not providing the proper support your back needs.

Memory foam mattress and back pain ▷ Best mattress for back pain

Thanks to the ability of the memory faom mattress to quickly mold to the body, thus allowing ideal pressure relief and maximum comfort, a memory foam mattress might be the perfect solution for a bad back. Our Emma Mattress consists of 3 layers: A cold foam that provides support in your lower back and shoulder areas, a layer of adaptive memory foam for pressure relief and spine support and the point-elastic Airgocell® Foam which has an open pore structure that makes it breathable and adaptable.

What is the best firmness for back pain?

Although many people believe that a firm mattress will provide the best support for an aching back, it has been proven through a variety of studies that a middle firm mattress is optimal for the spine. Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm can cause aching joints and muscles. Softer mattresses provide little to no support for the back and the bodies pressure points. An optimal choice would be the middle firm mattress which allows the body to slightly sink into the mattress, thus keeping the spine in alignment and allowing for just the right amount of body support. Nevertheless, the firmness of our matress is adjustable! You can try our Emma Mattress for a few days and request a free memory foam comfort layer or buy our memory foam mattress topper, either soft or firm, to adjust the mattress to your preferences. Always speak to your doctor before deciding on a mattress type and each individual can vary.

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