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Made in Germany

What does "Made in Germany?" mean

Made in Germany is an indication of origin. Only the products and services that are produced in Germany are registered and characterized in this way. This indication was introduced in Britain for the first time in the 19th century. Thus, already at the time, Germany wanted to protect itself from poor quality or "cheap" goods from other countries, and specify the exclusive source of the goods, thus justifying its higher price. Many consumers see this indication as a reference and often a proof of good faith and transparency of the company. Until 2013, the indication of source could be given voluntarily in the EU. Thus even the products could be described as "made in Germany" although they were only assembled in the country and largely manufactured abroad. Since 2013, manufacturers and importers have been mandatorily required to indicate the country of origin of their goods and to comply with EU customs rules.

A little history ...

Everything started from the qualitatively bad goods of Germany before the 19th century. On August 23, 1887 the British law of the British "trademark" was decided. It is from this law that the products must be identified "made in Germany". At the time in Britain, high quality knives were produced in Germany, their quality being much lower, it was no longer possible for them to export. This is just one example, and from that moment, German standards have begun to be straightened up to the quality we know today. The indication was no longer a warning, but an indication of good quality. This is also one of the reasons for the German economic boom the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

Who can say "Made in Germany"?

There were always cases in which the goods were indicated with the seal "Made in Germany" but which was not produced exclusively in Germany. Today, a product can be qualified as "made in Germany" only if the service that has to be provided to give its decisive quality to the product has occurred in Germany. However it may be that separate parts are not all made in Germany. Emma mattresses are produced and stored in Westphalia, Germany. It is also here that the concept was conceived (Design and parent company are located in Frankfurt am Main), and implemented by medium-sized craft companies with long experience in the production of mattresses.

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