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  • Where is my mattress?


    I ordered and paid for my hybrid mattress a week ago. No word since on despatch. After 5 days I made enquiries and finally yesterday requested a refund. Still waiting for a response.

  • Not built for longevity .....


    Was Ok for first couple of weeks but after a while didn't offer any support. Returned for refund during the 100 night trial. Not sure if they would last very long considering the cost. Customer service is almost non existent and require constant chasing.



    Further update on 31st Jan 2019:
    So after the mattress has arrived, I shared the feedback via email since the mattress was too soft for my back then offered hard foam comfort layer to get delivered to improve the softness, free of charge.

    When it's arrived, it was a wrong unit with even soft form rolled in the box which was abandoned in a front door of the house by delivery company in spite of confirmed delivery date to fit into my home working day. When I opened it, basically it was a bunch of a rolled soft sponge even softer , hence it was wrong unit they suppose to deliver.
    After I reported wrong delivery on 15th Jan, haven't heard from this company again and no one from support picks this up. I seriously think that the customer support team doesn't exist in this company and surely the worst support experience I ever came across. AVOID

    After I posted review, support contacted me straight away then made a refund of double charge, answered questions, new mattress got delivered, old one got collected.

    Since they're improving themselves quickly, I added one more star and spent time to update review here.
    Just to be aware that they don't have a telephone number, only email which might take longer.

    Very bad customer service and supports. This company doesn't have a phone number to ring and only email.

    After had a payment problem due to their site blocking my transaction, finally got the payment went through then no order confirmation page where I re-directed to. Due to another attempt, I've got double charged and sent out email straight away for a cancellation of one two days ago - no single response.

    I haven't got contacted by them to arrange delivery either and I'm away a lot so I don't know what's gonna happen next.
    One of the worst communication / support I've received so far and if they don't response, then I'll put disputes with credit card company and move on with other mattress seller.

    Don't bother.

  • Dreadful communication


    Dreadful communication - paid to get it delivered on Sat then got an email to say coming on Weds!! Emailed to change but could only change to Friday so had to take the day off work - it arrived but guess what - no mattress just the cover!! Still no idea when the mattress is coming and was assured after 2 phone calls that they would get back to me but guess what - no calls!! Tried ringing again to get cut off after hanging on for 10! mins - AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

  • They do not comply with the described


    For those who like a good opinion. it is not the described.a lot of promotion.with bad results.almost a month trying the mattress and I do not make it to el.seems good but for me very soft you undes and if you want to turn around you need a jump to turn weight 80 kilos and promote it for more kilos. And also now the return answer that agaga photos of the mattress and say that they pick up an association I have been waiting for two weeks and they say they can't find. Association.And I'm still waiting

  • Terrible admin on order process and customer service


    Ordered two mattresses - no confirmation but did get asked by Finance company for fisrt payment. Then got a note saying mattresses were on their way but didn't say when they would arrive. Couldn't check the order nor get hold of them to cancel. Appaling - have tried to cancel but they keep asking me for order number which I don't have!

  • Your back deserves better


    Do you really want to pay £500 for a block of foam? I did try these awful mattresses with the promise of refund and it destroyed my back.
    It comes with a right to return and after a few emails and various offers, they finally picked it up. But that was 6 weeks ago and I am still chasing the refund.
    Promises, promises...

  • Terrible company and awful customer service


    I ordered a mattress a week ago with delivery advertised as within 2-5 days. No mattress turned up and there was no communication from Emma to say that there was an issue. I had to email them myself and ask for a delivery date. Emma eventually sent a very vague response saying that the mattress is at the 'packing' stage. They haven't provided an actual delivery date. I requested a refund if they couldn't deliver by the end of this week but they are now ignoring me.
    I am guessing that they were inundated with orders over Black Friday weekend and have actually run out of stock. Hence the lack of information on a delivery date and instead a vague reference to a 'packing' stage. I will be complaining to Which? as Emma has plastered their recommendation all over their website.

  • Useless. Appalling. False Advertising.


    Mattress ordered with maximum 5 day delivery time. This is false advertising and I have contacted the ASA.
    Phoned today. Unable to deliver. Completely unwilling to do anything about it. Customer service appalling. Eventually hung up on me.
    Cancelling takes 48 hours so they still have my money.
    Pathetic. Will never use them again.

  • Terrible customer service, for such an expensive product


    Terrible customer service - no way of contacting them and no reply to emails even after the allowed 72hrs -for such an expensive product you need to match it with good customer care. Appalling - i ordered on Saturday - still no further information about delivery. The chat 'help' is useless, been on twice and even they can't get messages to the main team. I don't care about high volumes - you say 2-5 working days, but i would be shocked to see it by then. They have the cheek to say order by 20th Dec and you will receive before Christmas, HA!!!! What a joke.

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