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  • Poor customer service


    Poor customer service, no information about when the mattress would be delivered, took 2 weeks to get a response after my account said ‘order complete’ I tried to return the mattress in November but it was not collected until the middle of January, I received an email on the 16th January, saying they had received my mattress and I would be reimbursed within 5 -7 days. It is now the 19th of February and I have not received a penny.



    Just moved home and decided to get a nice new bed and mattress. I ordered my Emma mattress Nov 2017 after carrying out extensive research. I went on to order my new bed which was delivered promptly and then waited patiently for my lovely new mattress to be delivered. I received confirmation that the mattress was being delivered on a specified day.I took a day off work and arranged for the old mattress to be taken away as I had no room for it. I was very confident as the delivery company contacted me on the day and said 'Your order from Emma is almost there!' perfect, I thought - However, far from 5.30 pm I was getting worried, no mattress arrived. I rang Emma Matress and they apologised profusely, they said that their delivery partner couldn't find us????? We live in a populated area and haven't had any issues with other deliveries. They told me it was too late to do anything on that day and we would just have to wait!! We had nowhere to sleep and had to arrange to stay with a family member. The mattress was finally delivered 2 days later in what I can only decribe as disgusting condition. The box was ripped, it was muddy, it looked as though it came off a rubbish tip!! Of course, I rang Emma Matress straight away and complained again! I had spent hours on the phone with these people just trying to get the order delivered! The person I was dealing with apologised again, they said they would sort all of this out for me. I sent them photos of the damage as requested. The particular person I spoke to agreed they wouldn't be happy receiving goods in such bad condition. We still had no mattress to sleep on and I didn't feel happy sleeping on this mattress in such dirty packaging. They asked me if I could use the mattress for now (as again we had no mattress!) and once they had resolved the issue with UPS, who were their delivery partner, they would resolove my complaint. Reluctantly, I agreed out of desperation. I have an email dated 22nd Nov 2017 stating that once they had had a meeting with their delivery partner Emma Mattress would send me a replacement mattress. They also promised to call me mid Dec (which was when the meeting was planned) to keep me updated, No phone call, no new mattress, no word from them at all.... So all in all extremly bad customer service, promises not kept, mattress delivered in a dirty damaged box, 2 days taken off work, lots and lots of time complaining on the phone and all the stress that goes along with that. All the things you don't want to do, I just wanted a nice new mattress!!! You might wonder why I haven't been back in touch with them, it's because I din't want to go through the whole complaining process again and I can't go through the stress sending the mattress back, because, what will I sleep on meanwhile?? Is this what they count on when they advertised 100 night trial? The email I received today asking me to give them a star rating has prompted this review. I wouldn't recommend anyone dealing with this company.

  • We're going to send it back


    We're going to send it back. Far too hot even in winter with no heating and a very thin duvet. I can't imagine what it would be like in the summer.

    I've recently developed a stiff shoulder and every night it gets worse. Not as comfortable as we'd hoped. We thought it might get more comfortable over time but it hasn't

  • Not good! Had the mattress 4 months


    Had the mattress, great for first month .both our backs are hurting and it’s dipping . Do not buy

  • Nice bed but did not improve my sleep


    Nice bed but did not improve my sleep. Back still aches

  • Terrible experience from start to…


    Terrible experience from start to finish. Missed deliveries, terrible customer service and obvious lies as to the nature of the 'product'. Don't get me wrong the mattress is 'ok' but it's advertised as a British company, it's not. The local support number goes through to a German call centre, emails go through to same place where English clearly isn't a pre-requisite for customer service. Would not recommend...

  • Avoid if at all possible!


    Avoid if at all possible!

    This is a Customer Service review rather than the mattress.

    Mid-December, having checked the website FAQs I went ahead and ordered a mattress from Emma. A few days later it was showing as 'Shipped' on my account. According to their FAQs they will contact you to arrange a convenient day for delivery, which they had not done. When I phoned to find out what was going on I received very vague answers. I asked would it be delivered before Christmas and was told 'it should be'. This didn't fill me with confidence.

    I had an uneasy feeling about the company so phoned to cancel the order. There was no problem doing that, so clearly it hadn't been shipped. I was told I should received the refund in about seven days, due to Christmas holidays.

    I found they are not good at replying to emails, so I phoned at the beginning of January, as I had not received the refund. I was told they would look into it and ring me back that afternoon - they didn't. Next day I rang again, when they tried the same tactic. I stood my ground and hung on the phone while they found out why I had not received the refund. They said they had sent the refund to someone else with a similar name! Apologised and said they would refund immediately.

    I received an email from Emma Mattress saying they had issued a refund. However, it was not for the full amount and no detail as to why not. As I had paid on my credit card via an online payment system, I contacted them to see what could be done. They took the matter very seriously and obtained a refund for the missing amount.

  • The mattress is too soft and has no…


    The mattress is too soft and has no support. I have tried to contact the email given on purchase with no success and called several times to return the matress with the 100 day trial offer. But nobody is either answering calls or replying to emails.

    My advise from experience don't waste your money, ending up with a mattress you don't want and bad back made worse

  • Found the mattress to be uncomfortable


    Found the mattress to be uncomfortable, not what I was expecting, but to be fair I have never tried a mattress like this before.

  • Good Mattress should last at least…


    Good Mattress should last at least four year,am ready to throw Emma mattress,away,after 5months, I had a silentnight mattress m.foam for 8 yrs. lovely mattress,had its days now,changed to Emma,it’s just falling in the middle,feels like am sinking,very uncomfortable sleep, tossing and turning,my backs hurting loads, had several massages because of that.sleep better on the flooring.going back to silent night mattress,not recommending Emma mattress to anybody,pictures are going online.jordan parker

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