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  • Appalling customer service.


    Mattress delivered very quickly without prior notice. Fortunately I was at home.

    I have however still got my old mattress as the collection has been cancelled twice and as they only collect once a week I now have little access to my garage as the old mattress is stored there.
    The collection company are of no help at all and would not tell me why the first collection was cancelled as they were 'not at liberty to tell you!!' what kind of a response is this. Communication is as poor as it can get and I have failed in all attempts to get a telephone I can speak with someone. The new mattress so far has been good which is a relief as I would hate to try to return it under the 100 day Guarantee!!!

  • This has not been a good experience


    This has not been a good experience. Initial order took a lot longer to arrive than stated on website. We paid for collection of old mattress but no-one contacted us. We emailed Emma, still nothing happened. We contacted the collection company who said Emma had not raised an order for collection so I had to email Emma again. When we were eventually contacted we were told collection was only once a week with no choice of day or time and we had to wait another week for collection. A king size mattress takes up a lot of space! We did not sleep well on Emma mattress finding it much too hard and asked for it to be returned. Meanwhile we bought another mattress in order to get a good night's sleep. The mattress was collected 15 days ago and we have still not been refunded. We have emailed Emma twice but have only received the automated replies. We have asked someone to contact us since it is impossible to phone them - to no avail. They were very quick to take our money but are proving very slow to refund us. We will be taking further action if our money is not refunded by beginning of next week. We will not be recommending this company to anyone!

  • Trying to return the mattress


    Order number: 600572849

    Overall service I've recieved has been quite poor so far. Problem is lack of communication. Initial delivery was ok, but took much longer than advertised. After trying the mattress for about a month I started waking up with aching hips, so I decided it was too firm for me. On the Emma website I noticed that they provide a free of charge comfort layer, so instead of opting to return the mattress straight away, I would try this approach. I requested a comfort layer, but after not hearing anything for a week, I decided to just return the matress instead, as I was getting poor sleep and didn't want to wait any longer. After requesting a return under the 100 day trial, I received a reply straight away, stating that I would be contacted by a collection company within 3 working days. A week, later and I am still waiting to be contacted. I have now brought a mattress from elsewhere, but have this emma mattress taking up precious space in my house, waiting to be picked up and refunded.

    @[email protected]
    Just been informed collection was booked for Wednesday 6th March, but the courier missed collection. When I initiated a return I was told someone would call me to organise, but unfortunately no one called and I didn’t even receive an email, so how could I have know the mattress was due to be collected on the 6th? Luckily my wife was actually at home all day on the 6th, but incidentally no one even attempted collection that day!

    After complaining and speaking to an Emma rep on the phone, I’ve just recieved an email from a courier with a collection booked for Thursday 21st March. They say they only collect in my postcode area on Thursdays, so not sure where the previous Wednesday collection had materialised from if they don’t even do Wednesdays!!

  • trying to return the mattress is a nightmare!!


    Okay the mattress arrived quickly no problems with delivery. The mattress seemed okay initially, I have a back problem, after a month my back still felt no better so decided I needed a firmer mattress. I have asked emma to collect the mattress several times and they ignore me. Still trying to return the mattress within the 100 days,
    They were supposed to collect my old mattress which is still sitting in my bedroom although apparently they have credited back the collection. All in all poor. 21.03.19 I have had to update as they have acknowledged me on trust pilot although still not got in touch or collected the mattress. I can only forward all my emails etc. To trading standards and hopefully they will help. Would avoid this company at all costs. 29.05.19 I have returned the mattress in time and now they are charging me for using the mattress, would never deal with this company again disappointing does not cover it.

  • Would never use these people again


    Would never use these people again. i bought a pillow but it was not comfortable. Since then I have been trying to return it and get my money back. Every reply to my 10 emails is automated. I fear I will never get my money back. So much for free returns! It is impossible to return the goods. The company is dishonest. It is always suspicious when there is no means of contacting them directly, either by email (automated service) or telephone (no number provided). It has been so stressful. Do not use these people if you ever want to return your goods.

  • Soft Mattress - Terrible Customer Service


    The Mattress we ordered which i tried to make sure was firm was really soft. it was also dirty already when the mattress arrived. We still tried to prevail with the mattress but found it too soft and decided as we are within our 100 day trial to ask for it to be picked up. Was informed on Thursday 28th Feb 2019 that this would be picked up on Tuesday 5th March. Took time off work on Tuesday and no telephone call from the pick up company. No asnwer to my calls. the voicemail said no one available and does not allow youto leave a message. I left an email and still nothing all of tuesday. I had to call up on wednesday 6th march the pick up company had told me emma mattress stopped pick up companies from doing pick ups and no one notified me of this. im now out of pocket because of this and emma are not informing me of what has happened, there has not been any offer of compensation and now i have a matress laying about in my flat which is taking up lots of space that i can do nothing about till i eventually get a message from the pick up company. - it is an absolute disgrace, so inconsiderate, rude and very unhelpful!!!!!

  • Appalling disposal process for old mattress


    We paid £35 for disposal of our old mattress but this was cancelled the night before collection twice. We’ve been stuck with our old mattress hanging around for two weeks and still haven’t got a collection date.

    19.03.19 update: it’s been over a month now with our old mattress hanging around the house and we STILL don’t have a collection date. Unbelievably inept service......

  • Unbelievably bad customer service


    Unbelievably bad customer service. We ordered the mattress at the beginning of January. The delivery took about a month...very much longer than the 6 - 9 days stated on the website. The old mattress was due to be collected (a service for which we paid £35) a couple of days after the Emma mattress was finally delivered. The collection was cancelled the day before it was due last week. We have just received an email stating AGAIN that the arranged collection will not take place tomorrow, as agreed.
    Incredibly stressful experience. Not aiding sleep at all.

  • It Beggars Belief!!


    Following my recent poor review, my old mattress was finally due for collection on Thursday, three weeks after the delivery of the new mattress. I have just received an email to say collection is to be cancelled yet again. Sincerely, this is beyond belief! The endless inefficiency, ineptitude of this company continues to astonish me. I repeat, do not purchase from this company.



    Order mattress which arrived swiftly but unfortunately not to where i had requested. Paid to have my old mattress collected after delivery. Received an email on, email received on 25/2/2109 from mattress collection to advise this would be picked up from my home on 5/3/2019 but to call previous day for estimated time. Booked day off from work and called yesterday for time and was simply advised that they were not coming and to call Emma mattress for explanation,. Called Emma at 9am for urgent call back they didn't call me back so, called back at 3.30 and was told this had been referred to team in UK, and that they would come back to me, no way of speaking to anyone in UK. Still no call a day later, so no idea what is going on. Had to have day off from work unnecessarily and still none the wiser when my old mattress being collected which i have paid for.. Have lost a days holiday from work as well and not courtesy of a call back and or explanation. Have had my old mattress which is super king in my small terrace house for 2 weeks now with no where to store this which is ridiculous and unacceptable. Very dissatisfied and very upset with the poor customer services and lack of communication. As no one will call me have sent an email complaint but no idea when I will get a reply to this. Was advised that your service was excellent but have not found this to be the case.

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