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  • Good product terrible customer service!!


    Good product. Terrible customer service! The quality of the product is totally undermined by the total disregard for the customer. Would not recommend and would advise others to look elsewhere.

  • It was no good for me


    It was no good for me and have been left with shoulder problems after using it for a couple of months. I have had to send it back.

  • It’s way too hot


    It’s way too hot. We swapped from a conventional spring mattress to this following great reviews in the press. It was a mistake. My partner and I both find the mattress too hot, even now (February). To help resolve we’ve tried a hollow fibre mattress topper which has had some success... Next time I’m going back to a conventional sprung mattress.

  • Not a happy customer


    Not a happy customer. Customer services completely unhelpful if you are outside of the 100 nights window. Uninterested in hearing my
    Problem, just told me that I am outside of my 100 night trial period, and there’s nothing that can be done. Proceed with caution when considering this mattress.

  • Awful


    Mattress was ok initially but after 6 months the mattress is awful. So uncomfortable and has permanent “dips” which give really bad back ache. I’m so disappointed in this mattress and it seems that they just last long enough for the 100 day trial. Wish I could send mine back now.

  • Customer service underground, unfounded dunning fees

    Teresa Benndorf

    nothing against the quality of the mattress, which is really good. But as far as customer service is concerned, the worst thing I've ever experienced.

    We ordered on account and the goods came in two stages. First the mattress, 4-5 weeks later the bed. Which is not bad. But, of course, I only pay when everything is there.

    We were warned 14 days after the first partial delivery. Again and again we called and drew attention to it. And every time we were assured of an extension of the payment term. Nothing happened except that the dunning fees increased.
    A total of 80€ were charged to us!!

  • Bad communications


    Tried a number of times to contact to return the mattress before the end of the 100 day trial so I am now stuck with a mattress that isn't suitable for me. No trouble for this with Eve.

  • Terrible chemical smell that never …


    Terrible chemical smell that never went, very hot and not very comfortable.

  • We did not recieve the matress as it was going to arrive weeks later


    We did not recieve the matress as we assumed it woulkd be with us in a few days at the latest but was told after paying for it that it will take weeks !!!!!

    We needed a matress so we asked for a refund - then informed tghis would take weeks which it did.

    Not impressed as money was taken immediatley

  • Do not believe the hype on this …


    Do not believe the hype on this website!Didn't even get to test the product thank god!NO communication after countless flash emails via site link,personal emails and phone calls.Only wanted to change method of payment.Chose finance originally and they sent me bank details in germany which would cost each month to send.They only post positive reviews on site so was shocked when I saw all the real reviews here!Everything I had a problem with others have too!Atfer 2 frustrating weeks and reporting them to financial ombudsman and telling them so they finally couldn't get in touch enough.Coincidence not!Cancelled my order and will try Simba or Jasper now!Sort your act out Emma!!!!

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