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  • late delivery

    Tanguy G

    Unfortunately the delivery was too late. Otherwise everything is okay.

  • Finger Way

    uwe reitz

    Finger away from this company I bought a matraze and paid by Paypal (faster does not go at most directly with money) then you could not deliver which is why I canceled. Now I get to the answer that the repayment of my money (plentiful) I do not know what that means can take. I think you can also get Interest-free loans elsewhere but not SO

  • From the manufacturer - not available at first - then faulty

    Schwarze Acht

    Ordered directly from the manufacturer. But currently not available.Emma writes:... Dear Emma customer, we regret that there are currently difficulties in the supply of raw materials in our factory. As a result, because of this bottleneck our products could not be produced in sufficient quantities... Will revise the review as soon as I received the pillow. But not with the 3 different deposits! The viscoelastic foam insert is missing. Instead of this, 2x hypergel foam were delivered. Apparently to circumvent the supply shortage - which was announced before - the manufacturer then delivered defect.Therefore the reduction of the evaluation.As soon as I get a real pillow, I will pass on my impressions here.

  • Dissatisfied

    Vera Fiebig

    Unfortunately, the Emma does not meet my expectations at all. It is far too soft for people with back problems, e.g. in the lumbar region, especially in women, since the center of gravity is in the hip area and therefore you sink too far into the hollow cross
    is coming. Thus, back pain is pre-programmed in the morning.
    Absolutely unsuitable for people from 80 kg!

  • Very creative with the truth on their website...


    Honestly, I wouldn't bother ordering from this company.

    Their website says delivery within 5-7 days. By the admission of their own staff, they have never been able to meet his so essentially blatantly lie to customers on their site.

    The 'customer services' line is neither use nor ornament - they simply blame everything on 'IT problems' and aren't able to come up with a solution.

    I've given them until 3pm tomorrow for a shipping confirmation after this point I'll be cancelling my order.

  • Poor poor review


    Mattress was lost by UPS which is the fault of UPS but then Emma mattress refused to acknowledge this for more than a week. Then said it would take 2 weeks to get a replacement. Also they deleted my review from Facebook! Foreign call centres with little grasp of English. Would not recommend at all.

  • Far far too hot to sleep on


    Far far too hot to sleep on. I had to go into the spare room after an hour or so. Sending it back

  • Not happy


    Not the right purchase for me, much too hard!!!

  • Terrible smell


    I ordered this pillow because I found the offer to test it 100 days tempting. Unfortunately, I could not make use of this because the inner workings of the pillow smell terribly strong of chemistry, which can not be healthy. What brings me a pillow, which should help against neck pain, but I get a headache because I inhale any health-damaging substances all night. After days of airing out, which unfortunately did not bring anything, the pillow goes back. Unfortunately, I can not recommend it absolutely. Promised me more of this.

  • Definitely not a purchase recommendation!


    Is the first time I feel compelled to rate a product here on Amazon፦ The pillow smells extremely unpleasant after unpacking. The smell does not disappear even after two weeks, even if you take out the layers and ventilate for a while. Every time I turn my head on the pillow, a new unpleasant odour exudes. - The first two days it slept quite comfortably on the pillow. Then it was a little lumpy. After about two weeks, I felt that I had completely gone through the pillow. Even on a 5-euro cushion from a Swedish furniture store, it will sleep better.- Contact Customer Support: The Amazon mailbox is crowded, messages are not received at all. Phone: You are not even hung in a queue, the phone call is terminated directly with the indication that there is no customer advisor available at the moment. Three different times a day. Email to the manufacturer's address will be answered very late.- Return shipping: You can return it within 100 days. Only you don't get a refund. In any case, I have been waiting for it for more than three weeks.Conclusion: With a completely overpriced, rather poor quality product like this and such a poor customer service, I hardly give Emma any future opportunities on the German market. Anyway, I order my mattress somewhere else.

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