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  • Only a review for customer service so…


    Only a review for customer service so far...Had a confirmation of order 3 days ago but no reply to any message sent and tracking not working so we’ve no idea when to expect it.

    Tracking number is 600497094

    Support ticket 163244

  • Very disappointed with the quality and comfort...


    Very disappointed by the quality and comfort that are not at the rendezvous neither.
    Not at all suitable for large templates as I was told at customer service before I bought. After a few months of use (mattress at 13 months) comfort is no longer at all at the appointment. The foam is very soft. I never had this with my previous mattresses.



    I ordered my mattress 8 days ago with delivery option 2-5 days and I am still waiting. I've received no response to my various emails and have been kept in dark not knowing if and when the delivery will happen. Called support team trice - they are not helpful at all as are unable to confirm anything! They can't precisely describe the status of my order; don't know what has caused the delay and where my mattress is. I was told that it 'might be delivered today or Friday' - that's not good enough!! When is it? Where is a link to tracking down delivery people?! How they can not agree delivery day! It as total nightmare; so incompetent, unreliable, unprofessional. Their type of customer service can only be describe as 'We don't care from the moment we have your money'. The products are not cheap, so this is even more frustratring. I paid all of this money and don't even know if the product will be delivered! Discusting. I will be contacting Ombudsman and making complain as this is totally unacceptable. My mistake I didn't properly research them prior to the purchase, because I would never ever use them. PLEASE DO NOT BUY WITH EMMA MATTRESS. They may as well have a good product at hand, but the way they deal with customers is not worth the stress and hassle.

  • Terrible customer support


    Bought 2 mattresses, one was faulty as it would not fully inflate, I believed it to be a returned item, due to the way it was packaged . Sent 3 emails with photos but have had no reply? Bought based on “Returns with no quibble”.
    How is this possible, when they don’t even respond.
    Still no response! Have paid £1500, the faulty mattress is £750 & am now starting to get worried regarding my refund.

    Regarding your response below, you have completely ignored my request for a refund in all 4 emails. You also now state that the mattress must be removed from the box within 2 weeks? This is not stated anywhere on your site. I also stand by that this item was a returned used item as it was poorly packaged compared to the original. It was also apparent one item came from Ireland and arrived in two different deliveries. Can you please honour the refund and cancel the replacement which so never asked for, but please pick up the faulty item immediately. I noticed below during the same month of August, there is another post with the exact faulty issue.

  • I don't recommend it.

    Alberto Garcia

    After about 4 or 5 months of using the mattress, I started to suffer back pain when I get up.
    For work, I travel a lot and sleep often in hotels, and in these I get up well, but in my house I get up fatally lately from my back, and the only reason that fits me is the new mattress.
    I'll give you a few more weeks, but I'm already thinking about looking for a mattress from the usual ones.

  • Customer services is appalling


    Customer services is appalling. Mattress is ok.

  • Terrible customer service


    We didn't like the mattress so want to return it under the 100 day trial promise. They said they would collect it within 1-3 days, that was nearly a month ago. They don't reply to emails or answer the phone.

  • A very comfortable mattress


    A very comfortable mattress; we were not disappointed. Also great it turned up in a box!

  • Book by DPD in Fuir...


    Hello I put a star because they do not respect their delivery time. So it's not them who deliver, but they're responsible for the carrier they choose and they work with the worst 'DPD'.
    So I do not recommend this brand because of this, they should offer customers the choice of carrier since there are 3 of them on their site page.

  • Really disappointed with the whole experience


    Really disappointed with the customer service and the mattress. Have had the mattress for less than a year now and it has begun to give me terrible back ache due to it sinking in/sagging too much. After sending pictures over clearly showing the Emma mattress and the problem I am then told that they cannot help me as I purchased it from a supplier on eBay who it turns out I can no longer contact. So what do I do now?? The company guarantees the mattress for 10 years but won’t help me out in any way!

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