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  • Rest guaranteed!

    Zilá M.

    I found it excellent the delivery was super fast! Surprised! So far the perfect mattress in every way!

  • Amazing quality

    Fábio F.

    I was surprised by the quality of the mattress. I had already changed brand and model a few times and my back pain continued. I decided to test Emma's product and, right on the first use of the mattress, I woke up without back pain. I am very pleased and already recommending it to friends and family.

  • Loved the whole experience!

    Francine K.

    It was all too much! The product arrived fast, unpacking with the kids was a party, and the mattress is delicious!!!

  • Unlike everyone else!

    Rogério P.

    Fantastic quality, versatility, balanced comfort, extremely differentiated product...

  • Very comfortable

    Renata K.

    The mattress really surprised me. We have been with him for 2 weeks and the characteristics are exactly as described: it is soft but firm and favors various sleeping positions. I recommend it for extreme comfort!

  • Mightily approved

    Renan M.

    The experience of buying the product without seeing it in person may seem daunting, but the reviews around the world have given us courage. The product arrived before the estimated deadline and the unboxing process was fun and surprising; we even made a short time-lapse movie. The comfort and stability of the mattress has provided us with delightful nights of sleep. Very approved so far!

  • Perfect!

    Rosana D.

    I found it extremely unusual for a mattress to come vacuum-packed, but loved it! I was able to transport it in the car and make my change very conveniently. The quality of the product is amazing, it has been a pleasure to sleep at night! love you guys!

  • Excellent quality

    Paola O.

    It was the best decision I made, very satisfied with my mattress!!! Fast delivery, comfortable mattress. It's practical to install. There was only one wheel missing in the box because it is very heavy, but it reflects the quality of the product.

  • Very pleased

    Ruth M.

    At first I was insecure because I had no indication of anyone, searched the internet and bought it. He had a lot of back pain, improved a lot with the mattress. I found the technology used to be very cool.

  • My lower back pain is gone

    Andreia S.

    Very good product, uncomplicated purchase and delivery before the stipulated deadline.

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